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Search Engine Optimization
The Internet is an on-demand medium, people take in only the content they wish to see. Search engines are by far the most popular source for seeking information, which is what makes search engine marketing so powerful.

Marketers can assure that their message is visible when potential customers search relevant key phrases. But there is much more to search marketing than visibility. The impact of the message is just as important as the delivery. This is what separates good search marketing firms from the bad, the experience to know what call to action works.

TNI Technology has been working in the search engine space for longer than some search engines. We possess extensive experience and expertise to dramatically increase the quality and quantity of prospects to your website.

We are experienced in both natural search engine optimization, and paid search marketing campaigns. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

Site Analysis

We provide a fully comprehensive site analysis, providing the strengths and weaknesses of your site, with a proposed strategy to enhance your site’s optimization and subsequent searchability on the internet.

Full Search Engine Optimization and Submission Service

A comprehensive web site optimization and site promotion service. Please review our SEO Packages document to review the details. We have broken our packages into several levels for ease of use, however we often customize each program to fit each client’s specific requirements. Our initial complimentary consultation will provide you with the all the appropriate information.

Link Building Services

Link building on the web is one of the powerful tools you can use to increase your page ranking and receive referrals from other sites.

We create a link building plan and carefully scrutinize each link that meets our stringent requirements. A good link should be topically relevant, from a clean site with a Google Page Rank 1 or higher. We spend a great deal of time on research, and we ensure that we are constantly engaged in exploring and documenting new search engine algorithms and link networks, keeping your site current with the latest link building trends. We have a large team of content writers who can write original, relevant content for your site or blog. We submit site related articles to topical ezines, forums etc. and provide you with high quality one way links.
Directory Submissions

TNI Technology provides a broad range of directory submission services to help promote your website. We have a list of several hundred directories which we regularly submit to. Each entry is hand submitted to provide variety of site descriptions, keywords and to increase success of site acceptance.
Website Optimization Services

By reviewing your site, TNI Directory will identify the trouble spots and recommend how to optimize your site in order that it can be properly indexed by the search engines. This may involve as little work as modifying the text on your page(s), to a full website content review. Our consultants will provide the data depicting the requirements for the best results, and based on your budget we will develop a balanced plan.
Keyword Management

You probably already recognize the importance of incorporating search into your marketing strategies. These days, more and more companies do. But few people realize how beneficial full-fledged keyword management can be for both pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) initiatives. SEO is often associated with keyword research, and PPC with bid management. In actuality, the work that takes place between researching keywords and publishing content or adjusting bids – the analysis, organization and workflow prioritization that happens in the middle – is both the most critical and the most overlooked part of search marketing.

Keyword management is what makes up this crucial middle ground. It's an innovative, multifaceted approach to discovering, analyzing, grouping and organizing large numbers of keywords. Effective keyword management is pivotal to search success, because it goes beyond mere research or bid manipulation to enable prioritization, collaboration and action in response to keyword data.

Our SEO consultant team will work in partnership with you to create a list of keywords and keyword phrases that will send targeted traffic to your site. It is important to not only choose phrases related to your business but ones that are currently being searched for, as well as words that will generate the desired response of visitors to your site - which is to convert those visitors to customers. With the proper keyword research and analysis, our SEO consultants will uncover the search keywords and phrases that your target audience is using to find your product or service.
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